Our vision is leading us to shift our focus to serve as an equipping resource for churches and leaders of our association.  It is our aim to serve as a back office in order to leverage the strength and support of our denomination’s resources in and through our local churches.  As a result, we have repositioned our staff and schedule to come alongside of church leaders and teams. 


Equipping Associate – Neal McGlohon

Neal McGlohon has been teaching principles and practices of Gospel presence & Gospel purpose (Mission DNA) to church planters and established pastors for the past two decades.  Approximately 60 CBA Pastors, Planters and Staff members have participated in this regional mission DNA training (The Cypress Project). He is currently the Director of the Hub Charleston, a church planting resource to connect relationships and resources together in Greater Charleston.

The CBA has entered into a working relationship with Neal to engage his specialized skill in equipping leaders and mobilizing churches in carrying out the Great Commission.  His strengths will help serve the CBA vision of Strengthening Leaders, Churches and Planting Churches.  Neal will be bringing the best of his mission principles and practices to serve our CBA churches onsite within geographical cluster areas.  From basic training to coaching huddles, our association of churches will be served well and will be strengthened in carrying out our shared mission.

 Neal and his wife, Joy, have been residents in Greater Charleston for nearly a decade.  Neal’s education includes a B.S. degree from University of Georgia and a Masters of Divinity from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. He is also a trained leadership coach and adjunct professor. Neal and Joy have one son, Brandon who is in Greenville working for Grace Church, and a married daughter PJ who is in Charlotte.


Resource Associate - Leila Carlson

Leila Carlson’s primary role has been repurposed to function as our Resource Associate.  She will be available to help with coordinating and connecting resources to the support staff and support systems of our CBA Churches. Time on Thursdays will become dedicated to on-site visits to our churches. 


Giving Thanks for Mike Bobo

For the past 16 years, Mike Bobo has faithfully served on our association staff team.  In addition to the many roles he has skillfully served on staff, Mike has served our local churches through pulpit supply, interim pastorates and teaching.  Mike’s ambition to serve in pastoral leadership in the local church recently mobilized him to pursue full-time local church ministry.  While Mike transitioned from our staff team in June, our Administrative Team has committed to support him over the next few months as he transitions to his next ministry position.  On Sunday, July 1, Mike was ordained by the Pinecrest Baptist Church in West Ashley.  Please be in prayer for Mike and take a moment to send him an e-mail of encouragement:



Ethnic Church Planting Interns

Adrian & Lindsay Fernandez are interning under Pastor Jerry Zapata in church planting Ethnic Ministry in Greater Charleston.  Adrian is native to Costa Rica and has a Bible College degree.  Lindsay is a graduate of Global Studies from Liberty University and has been a resident in Charleston for the past 15 years. 

Over the past 7 years, they have served together in short-term mission outreach in Costa Rica. As a newly married couple, it is their goal to serve together as missionaries to the ethnic groups in Greater Charleston.  They will share through local ethnic churches in ministry opportunities such as ESL, Apartment Life, outreach events and personal discipleship.