Opportunities to be involved with churches and communities in Greater Charleston continues to grow:

· 2 circuits of Celebrate Recovery at Portside Baptist Church and
College Park Baptist Church - starting soon

· 2 classes of Spanish as a Second Language at Northwood Baptist Church and College Park Baptist Church - starting soon

· 2 ESL classes in the North Charleston area

· 5 church planters in the evaluation process with the State Convention preparing to plant new churches

· Guatemalan Consulate at Portside Baptist on July 13-14th; expecting around 1500 people

· 4th of July celebration, connecting with the Ethnic Community
representing different countries with 2000 in attendance.

· Prayer walking neighborhoods and leaving contact information with each home so they can connect with prayer team members - goal of 1200 homes prayed for by year end

 · We are connecting with all the ethnic pastors at the association facilities in the month of August to invite them to the table and to be part of the Saturate seminar

· Our Center of Capacitation for Pastors and Leaders is discussing the possibility with Dr. Daniel Sanches and Southwestern Baptist Seminary to have the certification for our 28 students in the future from SWBTS and BTCP, as our students have been in our Center for the last two years

· We are exploring a partnership in the cities of Hilton Head and Bluffton, where we help pastor Lievano and church planter Silvano to start two new groups which meet in two different local churches

· The future of planting churches in our greater Charleston region looks fantastic. We are extending our reach into the cities of Summerville, Ladson, and Goose Creek, Hanahan, and North Charleston, where we have 5 life groups meeting currently. The attendance for these life groups is between 50 to 70 people, with a huge community from Honduras and Venezuela

· We are thankful for the great blessings of the Lord and great possibilities for new churches in our area. Ladson has a great number of Brazilians and we ask for your payers as we need leaders for this ethnic group

God has been good to our Ethnic Ministry, we praise the Lord for allowing the Charleston Baptist Association to make a difference in our State.

The very best to you all!!

For more info, contact:  Jerry Zapata
Ethnic Ministry Associate  -



Culture and Language Training Update

Our pilot 6-week Culture and Language class is completed. King’s Cross’ trip to Panama was a success and the members of the team have come back different than they left. Their hearts and eyes have felt and seen more things in a week than they most likely have for years. And these moments are opportune for reevaluating how our short lives can have a lasting impact. As we met with this team, we constantly reminded them that their mission isn’t over as soon as they step off the plane on US soil. On the contrary, it has just begun. This team gets it and it is our prayer and desire they are inspired to live as missionary leaders in their church and in their neighborhood. Seeing with fresh eyes the individuals that have been intentionally placed all around them.

Charleston Churches Collaborating to Reach their Neighbors

This has been exciting and full season as God has been calling the hearts of churches to reach the nations that are living in their neighborhood and beyond.

Various churches have felt the pull to join in on what God is doing in the North Charleston area. Over 5 churches from different backgrounds have joined in on the efforts to pour into the neighborhood where Adrian and Lindsay live in order to build relationships and strengthen community for the sake of the Gospel going forth to all of the nations. Despite their differences, churches from various denominations see that on their own they cannot reach everyone, but through the strengths that each bring to the table people can be reached and Jesus can be shared.

Creating events such as Vacation Bible School, Kids & Youth Summer Clubs, Yard Sales, and Carnivals creates an excuse to bring people together. Bringing people together allows for trust to be built and friendships to form. Friendships that acknowledge Christ as Savior lead to discipleship and discipleships leads to missionary leaders. And missionary leaders disciple others and this cycle changes the world.

Without collaboration one man’s efforts are futile. But when the Holy Spirit works in the hearts and members of local churches calling them to love their neighbor, we can experience radical transformation.

Our missionaries have a heart to reach the divided and almost hidden Latino community that is blossoming in the Charleston Farms Neighborhood. This area happens to have a diverse mix of race, age, language and social economic status. These differences easily divide a community, but when the Holy Spirit is working, there are no barriers.

King's Cross Training

This past Monday marked the last training with Church plant, King’s Cross, as they get their final details together before their mission trip this month to Panama. Josh Romine from King’s Cross has partnered with the Ethnic Ministry for Language and Cultural Trainings as they prepared for their trip to a special need’s orphanage called Heart’s Cry in Colon, Panama. Adrian and Lindsay Fernandez from the Ethnic Ministries created a customized training in both language and Panamanian culture in order to prepare this team of 15 for success on their short-term mission trip. The team gathered bi-weekly for Spanish and culture trainings geared specifically towards the people group and dialect of the people that they will serve.

The Ethnic Ministry believes this training is not only important to help teams define and find success in short-term mission projects, but it goes much farther than that. The heart of this ministry is to help mobilize teams to live on mission both on their international and local mission field. They believe that all believers have been given a mission field of a specific job, neighborhood, and circle of influence. These trainings aim to inspire and mobilize teams to live on mission here in Charleston where we have plenty of opportunities to reach foreign and national neighbors with the transformational Gospel of Jesus Christ.

SATURATE in Costa Rica

This past May marks the first of many trips to Costa Rica for the team at Citadel Square. A group of 60 medical professionals, students, contractors, Generation Link interns, Pastors and servants committed two weeks to kick off our new partnership in Costa Rica to serve our brothers and sisters through medicine, reconstruction and pastoral care.

The focus of the trip was set on discipleship. We asked ourselves, how can we encourage our new partners in Costa Rica to continue in their discipleship and how can we inspire our team to take what they have learned and apply it to their everyday life.

The medical team worked with the local church to provide medical solutions to physical problems while both the medical professionals and young church leaders both addressed the more serious spiritual needs of knowing Jesus as Savior. More than 500 people had the opportunity to hear the gospel personally explained to them through young local church leaders who also offered follow up for those who were interested. More than 200 people responded to this desire of knowing more.

Meanwhile, a team of 15 on the church building itself. The main goal was to convert the kitchen into a neighborhood café. Through much creativity and hard work, it was accomplished. Through this new café, the church can engage their neighbors through engaging the culture. Coffee plays a huge part in Costa Rican customs and culture and providing a table is going to create a space for new relationships to form between people who otherwise may never step foot into a church on their own.

Last but not least, a pastor’s conference took place and principles from SATURATE were shared and brought to life through great examples and cultural contextualization. Around 15 local pastors gathered to talk about what it would look like to work together in order to reach every man, woman, and child with the Gospel. This was a big step because unity does not come naturally in Costa Rica, just like most all churches around the world.  

We believe that this trip goes way beyond these two weeks.  This partnership has potential to change lives indefinitely. It has the chance to influence both the goers and the nationals to truly give their lives away for Christ no matter what profession, job, or neighborhood you may find yourself in.

We have invited our partner church in Costa Rica to send a team to us in Charleston. There is a lot of work to be done and we believe that together we can better reach every man, woman, and child with the transformational Gospel of Jesus Christ.


SATURATE in Guatemala


This past April Northwood Baptist Church and Gracia Hispanic ministry went on a mission trip to Guatemala with the support and partnership of the CBA.

Our commitment to this project was to train local leadership and help them understand how the Gospel of the kingdom should “Saturate” the ministry through Movement, Kingdom Mindedness, Harvest, and Discipleship for healthy Multiplication. 

 We also spent time with the seminary students who study at the top of the mountains next to the Tacana Volcano, at an elevation of 10.600 feet.


These seminary students are being prepared for ministry within the church as leaders and church planters with very limited resources. The students lack such basics as books or well functioning facilities to meet in. Their teachers write out the lesson plans for them with very little theological or doctrinal support.

Half of the small facilities are used as classrooms and the other half for lodging. They stay in the facilities Monday through Friday and go back home for the weekends (which is much different than what might be the experienced here in the US).

Some of the real needs are for books, computers, projectors, screens, a decent facility for the seminary students.

The first day we trained more than 200 men, pastors and leaders, of which about 50 are actively serving in the mountains of Tacana, Guatemala with different groups throughout the region. Accessing these groups is only possible through specific pick-up trucks because of the VERY DANGEROUS terrain.

Special relationships were formed with the young people that attended the second day. We were able to share lots of personal time with them, answering many important doctrinal questions.  We saw in them a great future in the Gospel and they showed a lot of hunger for a healthy understanding of the Gospel.



Women of the church…

In the services, women sit separately from the men and they are all really hungry for doctrine and the Word of God!

On the third day we had a great opportunity to minister to almost 200 women that were in attendance. Our sisters on the mission team presented a message to encourage spiritual and emotional health. There is much need for encouragement in these areas, both in the church, and in their homes, because women’s roles are not as valued in their communities.

At the end of these meetings, the whole Church stepped forward with teary eyes, acknowledging their need for something different and healthier that’s more aligned to what Christ did on the cross.

The city of Tacana is the main city that provides social and commercial life. Those who go down the mountain and can sell their fruits and vegetables that they previously harvested.

The greatest need in Guatemala is for healthy doctrine. Very few churches throughout the country hold to a healthy doctrine, especially those in the capital of Guatemala, which is of predominantly Catholic religion. The prosperity Gospel and the patriarchy of the apostles have also led people to believe in an unhealthy view of the true Gospel of Jesus.

Catholicism could be described as a very rich religion because of money and history, in a nation affected by extreme poverty and lack of education. In Tacana, life is extremely challenging for these simple loving people. No matter who we came into contact with we were welcomed with open hands and a huge smile, ready to give us what little they had.


The support of lead Pastor Tommy Meador who is a super great man of God from Northwood Baptist and their Missions Pastor Logan Catoe, (Gracia) my Missions Pastor Zoro Baena and his wife Jessica, my dear sister Christi Dangerfield , my great brother Gregory, and my wonderful wife Berly Zapata made all of the difference in this journey.  

I was very proud of the team, they did great job in this project through their love and compassion for the needs of these Central American people. However, we realize that this is not just a need in Central America, but also here in the USA where there are also many needing the grace and love of Jesus through the church. There is a lot to be done, and we plan to do it.

We will be planning our next trip for 2020 and we want to invite students who want to be challenged through serving in this environment.

There are many needs. If you would like to help this Central American group, some opportunities to do so are listed below:

-2 Piano Key boards, 2 amplifiers for the key boards (used or new) 

-2 Computers apple is the preference because of the elevation of location signal is an issued.

-Projectors for the Training Center or Screens.

-Financial support for resources and books for the training Center for church planters. 

-Financial support for the next Trip.

Thank you for your prayers and support. The new SATURATE materials were an effective tool and it will continue to be a great blessing as we communicate the principles of Movement, Kingdom Mindedness, Harvest, and Discipleship for healthy Multiplication. 

Thank you, Director of Mission Craig Tuck and my brother Neal McGlohon for the great job of creating this resource and for your support with this project.

The Grace and Peace of the Lord Jesus be with you all.





His and Yours,


Jerry Zapata

Lead Pastor 

Gracia-Grace Ministries

Ethnic Associate CBA  

Centro de Capacitacion Ministerial 



(843) 872-2929