King's Cross Training

This past Monday marked the last training with Church plant, King’s Cross, as they get their final details together before their mission trip this month to Panama. Josh Romine from King’s Cross has partnered with the Ethnic Ministry for Language and Cultural Trainings as they prepared for their trip to a special need’s orphanage called Heart’s Cry in Colon, Panama. Adrian and Lindsay Fernandez from the Ethnic Ministries created a customized training in both language and Panamanian culture in order to prepare this team of 15 for success on their short-term mission trip. The team gathered bi-weekly for Spanish and culture trainings geared specifically towards the people group and dialect of the people that they will serve.

The Ethnic Ministry believes this training is not only important to help teams define and find success in short-term mission projects, but it goes much farther than that. The heart of this ministry is to help mobilize teams to live on mission both on their international and local mission field. They believe that all believers have been given a mission field of a specific job, neighborhood, and circle of influence. These trainings aim to inspire and mobilize teams to live on mission here in Charleston where we have plenty of opportunities to reach foreign and national neighbors with the transformational Gospel of Jesus Christ.