Charleston Churches Collaborating to Reach their Neighbors

This has been exciting and full season as God has been calling the hearts of churches to reach the nations that are living in their neighborhood and beyond.

Various churches have felt the pull to join in on what God is doing in the North Charleston area. Over 5 churches from different backgrounds have joined in on the efforts to pour into the neighborhood where Adrian and Lindsay live in order to build relationships and strengthen community for the sake of the Gospel going forth to all of the nations. Despite their differences, churches from various denominations see that on their own they cannot reach everyone, but through the strengths that each bring to the table people can be reached and Jesus can be shared.

Creating events such as Vacation Bible School, Kids & Youth Summer Clubs, Yard Sales, and Carnivals creates an excuse to bring people together. Bringing people together allows for trust to be built and friendships to form. Friendships that acknowledge Christ as Savior lead to discipleship and discipleships leads to missionary leaders. And missionary leaders disciple others and this cycle changes the world.

Without collaboration one man’s efforts are futile. But when the Holy Spirit works in the hearts and members of local churches calling them to love their neighbor, we can experience radical transformation.

Our missionaries have a heart to reach the divided and almost hidden Latino community that is blossoming in the Charleston Farms Neighborhood. This area happens to have a diverse mix of race, age, language and social economic status. These differences easily divide a community, but when the Holy Spirit is working, there are no barriers.