Emanuel Premiere Welcome Reception - Photos of Emanuel 9

Emanuel Premiere Welcome Reception - Photos of Emanuel 9

The CBA was privileged to take a leading role in organizing a dynamic event that served nearly
2000 people.  The Emanuel Documentary is the untold story of the survivors and family members of the Emanuel 9 victims.  The Gospel of Christ is portrayed through the grace, forgiveness and hope in their radical response to Dylan Roof.  The amazing grace they put on display continues to make the Gospel of Jesus un-ignorable to the world. The premiere took place on Saturday, June 15 at the Gaillard Auditorium.  Family members, first responders, city and state leaders came together for a reception in honor and remembrance followed by a documentary viewing before the public release in theaters.  

The Director and producers wanted this premiere to be God glorifying and grace giving to all in attendance.  They asked our Executive Director, Craig Tuck and Resource Associate, Leila Carlson to serve in directing and coordinating all the details.  With the blessing of our Administrative Team, we were able to engage our churches as well as other congregations to support this event through giving, praying and serving. Our own State Convention participated with the CBA in giving financially. CBA also led the way with 18 of our churches participating and we were instrumental in bringing churches and people together in the name of Christ.   We rejoice in the many relationships that have been formed and the gospel message that was shared and put on display! 
We also thank the Lord for the churches of Mission Charleston (www.missionchs.org) who served as the logistical and strategic group that pulled this all together.