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Chaplain Christopher Dale



“Back in February Allen and I visited the Star Harmonia which was crewed entirely by Filipinos. While I sold a bunch of sim cards, Allen had a conversation with the cook, Galiano. I then joined him in the conversation.
Galiano identified as Baptist, and he was leading a Bible study group of 7 of the crew. He had been working on the ships for over 20 years, and that was the first time he had tried to lead a group. He said he felt that God was telling him to do his part, so he decided to try. He asked for prayer for wisdom and energy to prepare the studies in addition to all the work he had to do. He also asked for prayer for new members as several of the current members were to sign off at their next port. I pointed out to him that he can have a much bigger impact than all the seafarers ministries they meet combined since he is there 24/7.

The ship came back into port a couple of weeks ago, and I talked with Galiano again. The 4 people in his Bible study group that signed off were in fact replaced by 4 new members among the on-signers. We talked for a while, or rather he talked and talked while I looked for opportunities to get a word in edge-wise. I showed him the Bible study materials I had brought, and he thanked me. I think he was just excited to have someone to talk to about the group.”




While Charleston Baptist Collegiate Ministry may be taking a breath now that summer is here, we’re also gearing up for a busy fall season.
We’re planning the teaching series for next semester, small groups, welcome week events, and much more! It’s also a great time for us to connect with local churches and do some support raising. There are also summer orientation events where we are meeting new students!

We finished our spring semester well with a great turnout for the final Citywide Worship event and missions banquet. It was a great time to congratulate seniors and pray for those going to do missions this summer. 

One new thing that we did at the end of the semester was a survey asking students about their involvement in BCM. We were very pleased with the number of students who responded (during exam week!), and just wanted to give you a tiny glimpse of their responses: 

 · 19 local churches are regularly attended by our BCM students

· 29 students recommitted their life to the Lord

· 40 students involved in small groups for discipleship &

· 60 students attended Converge
(statewide collegiate conference in February)



 It’s not too early to think about the fall! We would love to have some volunteers bring a meal (or part of a meal!) to Citywide Worship on Monday nights. This is our worship and teaching time with students from all the downtown campuses and dinner is provided. If this is something you, your small group, or church would be interested in helping us with, please contact us at:
for more information.

 Joshua Austin | BCM Director
Kelli Creswell | Assoc. Director



Linda Iler - WMU Director

· The Easter season found us busy in our churches promoting North American Missions with weeks of prayer and giving through the Annie Armstrong offering. Our annual spring gathering held at Northbridge Baptist included awarding of the coveted “silver spoon award” to churches that participated in the Church Chili
Challenge. Together we celebrated “Missions for Life.”

· The annual Adult Prayer Retreat was held at Portside Baptist with guest speaker missionary Alice Crocker, challenging us to be totally dependent on God, who is totally dependable!

· In May, over 643 ministry kits were collected for use in migrant ministry and other ministries of Iglesia Luz Y Verdad.