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New Jerusalem Church

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The Charleston Baptist Association has been invited by the NAMB SEND RELIEF to assist a Southern Baptist Church in Puerto Rico:
La Nueva Jerusalem, Pastor Daniel Juarbe

We have a unique opportunity to partner our local association of churches alongside of our Puerto Rican brothers. They have many needs following the destruction from Hurricane Maria.

Send Relief has achieved easy shipping lines between Atlanta and Puerto Rico and can help coordinate shipping in-kind donations.  These shipments will start early January, 2018 to give you ample time to coordinate.  There will be clearly defined specifics sent to you in regards to sending items in the near future.


More about The New Jerusalem Church

Some of the visible hurricane damage

Some of the visible hurricane damage

  • Average attendance Sundays - 43
  • Needs of the Church:  
    • 5 Volunteers per month
      • Repair of the Church Building
      • Recovery Efforts of Members of the Congregation
    • Funds needed for Repair of the Church Building
    • Funds needed to help Members of the Congregation
    • Projected financial needs of the church: $25,000
    • Projected length of time the church requires help: 6 months

We are asking our Charleston Baptist Association Churches to prayerfully consider serving this need.  If you would like to be involved, please contact us at

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